Auto-camping Site

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Auto-camping Site

Ride up to and park alongside your camping site. Pitch your tent next to your vehicle, for easy transportation and storage of your bags and gear.
No need to unload everything, just take what you need, when you need it. The recommended area for families or first-time campers.

Auto-camping Site

Haul your stuff with ease!

You can drive your whole car up to the site, eliminating the need for unloading and carrying all of your bags from the parking lot!

Peace of mind for families!

If your little ones suddenly feel unwell, or in case of any unforeseen emergency, having your car close by means peace of mind.

AC Electrical Outlets!

Each site is equipped with AC Electricity Sources, which you can use for any of your electrical devices or to keep your phone charged.
Auto-camping Site
Auto-camping Site
Auto-camping Site

User Guide

Usage Fee Please check the price list.
Price Guide
Hours of Use In:13:00~18:00
Furnishings In-site Parking Space, AC Electrical Outlet(100v)×1
Important Notices
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Please refrain from behavior that will disturb neighboring campers.
Policy Re: Cancellations due to Weather
  • If the Japan Meteorological Agency determines that our facility is unsafe to use, we may suspend operations.
  • Please note that if we determine that it is not safe to use the facility on the day due to weather conditions, we may suspend operations.
  • At our facility, we want our customers to fully enjoy their stay, so we will not charge a cancellation fee even if you cancel due to predicted bad weather.